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Saturday, 13 February 2021

The Book or The Movie?

Hello again.
Today's cryptic is a collaboration with Steve Mossberg of Square Pursuit. Please check out his puzzles (especially his cryptics) if you can. They are a delight - and often with excellent themes.
I'd been itching to do a collab with Steve for a while now (our last one from August can be found here) but he wanted to make sure that the puzzle wasn't just some bog standard affair... and so we settled on thematic clueing, which I'm sure you'll enjoy.
I'm hoping to do a few more collaborations this year - I've been broadening my horizons by solving all sorts of people's puzzles on Twitch, from indie setters with their own blogs to people published in papers... which includes Steve as of Jan 28th! (albeit a US style grid but nevertheless congratulations!)
I hope you enjoy the solve.

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